Discover renowned artistic works in the heart of the Residence!

The castle

We are delighted to present to you a diverse selection of talented artists who exhibit their works at the magnificent Château de Doudeauville.

A captivating artistic experience, where you can explore different techniques, styles and inspirations.



In the background, thousands of photographic fragments of feminine curves. In the foreground, an image full of intensity, a symbol of intimacy, a face. The photomosaics of Joël Moens de Hase were born in 2011. A true tribute to sensuality, an explosion of colors that frees the imagination and stirs up the senses.


And from the darkness comes light!

The artist works on the Tree (and the Landscape): witness of time, of our roots, quest for spirituality, it appears in the chiaroscuro as unmistakable, mystical, silent observer of our actions, radiating to us with its purity .


The work "Black & White" is part of the artist's research on contemporary femininity, inspired by the women of her generation. Black and white highlights the contrast between the violence of dark marks on a light background and the expression of ephemeral feelings. The contradiction also lies in the precision of the details and the raw technique revealing both the sketched and photographic aspect, questioning the legitimacy of painting a snapshot, in a digital space.


Cohen's methacrylate installations catch the eye, the eminently black and white graphic works coexist with explosive colored works and invite the viewer to plunge into a complex and dizzying universe: that of a hallucinatory third dimension.


In this creative process, I try to give pride of place to surprise and even accident......Works most often made of earth and enamels. Ceramics is undoubtedly the only discipline combining the four elements: the earth that we knead, the water that softens it, the air that dries it, and the fire that cooks it.